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The angelrox® BAND is essential. A sustainable comfy headband, scrunchy, sleep or face mask + neck cover. Handmade in Maine.

Keeps your hair in place comfortably and can be worn on the wrist or neck when you let your hair down. Over the eyes the band becomes a sleeping mask and it can quickly convert into a mouth and nose covering when you need one.


* headband style wide or thin classic or artistic

* gentle hair tie or scrunchy for top knots + pony tails

* comforting sleep mask soothes and lets you rest

* cozy and elegant pulled just so to warm the ears

* we wear two when skiing, one to cover the forehead

* and another as a cozy face cover 

* handmade from plant based knits that comfort and breathe

* gentle hold will not press on sensitive temples

* great for summer heat + winter chills

* sweet and good for all ages.

Made in United States of America